To meet the varied needs of a living room or family room – entertaining, watching television, reading, playing games, accenting artwork – three to four layers of lighting should be used. These might include recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room, a chandelier or central decorative fixture for general lighting, wall sconces for mood and portable lamps for reading and other tasks. Use dimmers whenever possible for maximum control of all fixtures.
Juno Lighting Group Lighting Techniques for the Living/Family Room Fireplacesmade of brick or stone can be emphasized with recessed downlights installed over the mantle to create a dramatic grazing effect. Wall sconces on either side of the fireplace are another option that brings attention to the fireplace area while providing general lighting for the living room.
Kichler Lighting Reading requires task lighting that comes from behind and to the side of the reader’s shoulder. This can be accomplished with a portable lamp. The bottom of the lampshade should be located at eye level to avoid glare.
House of Troy Artwork can be highlighted with recessed adjustable fixtures or with low-voltage, halogen picture lights. Your local ALA showroom representative can help determine how many fixtures are needed depending on the size of the painting and the proper aiming angle.
Philips Lightolier Televisions and computer monitors require low-level ambient lighting that does not wash out the screen’s image or reflect into viewers’ eyes. Recessed miniature downlights or miniature track lighting can be installed in the near vicinity for task lighting. Wall sconces with an indirect lighting function, used with a dimmer, are ideal for creating a soft, non-glaring light for watching TV, or, if your television is in an armoire, consider installing undercabinet lighting to create a pleasing glow
Fanimation Game tables require bright, well-distributed overhead lighting. Shaded pendants set 36″ above the table are an excellent solution, or install two recessed downlights over each half of the table.

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