Whether you work full time out of your home office or simply use it for homework, paying bills and surfing the Internet, a well lit workspace is essential to reduce glare and make your tasks easier.

Lighting Techniques for the Home Office

General lighting should be bright enough to provide for a comfortable workspace, but not so bright as to create undue glare off of your papers or computer screen. If your desk is in the center of the room, consider using two large fluorescent ceiling fixtures on each side of your desk or four 6″ recessed fixtures evenly spaced in the room with two of the fixtures aligned with either side of your desk. For glare reduction, avoid placing the fixtures immediately in front of your desk.

Tech Lighting Task lighting for reading and doing paperwork can be provided by floor or desk lamps. Another idea is to install pendants over your work area.
House of Troy Artwork and framed certificates can be accented with track lighting or picture lights.

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