Sea Gull Lighting Products ENERGY STAR® is a government-supported symbol that makes it easy for consumers to identify highly energy efficient products in over 40 consumer product categories.


  • ENERGY STAR® products are required to meet high quality standards and must be 3rd party tested.
  • ENERGY STAR® lighting fixtures and ceiling fans are subjected to more stringent standards than the California Title 24 requirements.
  • ENERGY STAR® lighting product performance standards require that lighting fixtures instant-start, have no flicker or hum.
  • ENERGY STAR® fixtures ship with bulbs that must have a minimum life of 10,000 hours (approximately 9 years at 3 hours per day).
  • ENERGY STAR® fixtures have more lumens per watt than the current Title 24 requirements – providing consumers with the most light for the least energy.
  • ENERGY STAR® fixtures use 75% less energy and generate 80% less heat than standard incandescent lighting; lowering cooling costs during summer months.
  • ENERGY STAR® requires all outdoor fixtures to have photocells for “dusk to dawn” operation – eliminating wasteful daytime operation.
  • ENERGY STAR® ceiling fans are up to 50% more efficient that standard ceiling fans.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified products have helped consumers save $10 billion in 2004 alone.

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